Volunteer with PAC-B

PAC-B is powered by our amazing volunteers. Volunteering with us is both easy and rewarding. By committing as few as 2 hours a month, you can help create interesting video content for the Baldwinsville community. 

Some volunteer roles are technical, like serving as a videographer, editor or broadcast tech. Other roles are non-technical and  require great organizational and interpersonal skills, like volunteering as a producer or interviewer. 

Ready to get started?

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Why volunteer with PAC?

Low Time Commitment

Most of our team volunteers 4-6 hours a month. We accept anyone with at least 2 hours per month to commit.

Many Roles to Choose From

We have seven types of roles to choose from so you can find something that suits your interests and skill-set.

We Provide Training and Support

If you're interested in a role but need some training to get started, no problem! We provide training.

Available Roles

Below you’ll find more information about available volunteer roles. And remember – we train! If you are interested in trying something out but don’t have the necessary skills yet, just let us know. We’ll make sure you get the training you need!

Producers are the driving force behind any program we create in-house, like Ask the Expert. They make sure content is getting created on time and help keep everything organized and on-track. A producer’s work includes:

  • Reach out to potential interview subjects
  • Schedule interviews and video shoots
  • Coordinate with videographers, editors, and broadcast techs
  • Keep track of tasks in Asana

This role is perfect for someone who likes to keep the trains running on time. It also requires great organizational skills.

A videographer is the person running the camera. They show up to events, interviews, or other video shoots and capture it, then send the footage to editors (or edit it themselves). A videographer:

  • Works with producers to cover events or film interviews
  • Shows up early to set up camera, sound, and sometimes lights
  • Records video in line with our production guidelines
  • Sends footage to editors, or edits footage themselves

This role is good for someone familiar with making videos, even just on a smart phone. Videographers should be able to lift at least 25lbs and carry gear up and down stairs.

Editors “cut” the footage captured by videographers to create the final programs you see on TV and online. They use editing software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere to edit, create graphics, add music, and more. They also:

  • Work with producers to understand the program requirements, including length
  • Create graphics, edit video footage, and export files
  • Receive feedback and make changes to videos
  • Coordinate with broadcast technicians to deliver the final video files

People who enjoy storytelling and are comfortable using (or learning) editing software make for great editors. An eye for graphic design is a plus.

A production assistant helps out during filming. This includes:

  • Helping bring in and set up the equipment – camera, sound, and lights
  • Get interview subjects comfortable and ready for filming
  • Assist the videographer with getting last-minute supplies or equipment
  • Breaking down and packing up equipment after a video shoot

This role is great for someone who’s interested in becoming a videographer or wanting to learn more about how videos are shot.

This role conducts interviews. Sometimes interviewers are on camera with the subject (like Ask the Expert). Other times they’re behind the camera and therefore off-screen. Duties include:

  • Working with producers to understand the goals of an interview
  • Preparing for an interview, including creating questions
  • Prepping the interview subject before filming begins and helping them feel comfortable on-camera
  • Conducting the interview

Good interviewers have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and are comfortable being in front of the camera.

In addition to creating content, we have SO many projects to help keep PAC-B running. We need Operations Support volunteers to make it all happen. In this role, you’d do things like:

  • Work with the board to plan, execute, and report on operational projects (i.e. equipment inventory, creation of documents, reviewing guidelines, renting studio space, etc.)
  • Plan events like volunteer drives, volunteer appreciation dinners, booths at events like Seneca River Days, etc.
  • Help onboard new volunteers 
  • Conduct training sessions, or assist in their planning

This is a great role for someone who wants to volunteer in a non-technical role, or who’s interested in applying for a seat on the board in the future.

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